UVSC’s President William A. Sederburg was selected as CEO of the Year along with seven other recipients awarded from the Utah Business Magazine. He was named CEO of the Year in the government sector.

"We were looking for business leaders or CEOs that had something in the past year that significantly helped the business community," said Jacob Moon, managing editor for Utah Business Magazine, in a press release. "Sederburg has been instrumental in bringing UVSC to the next level — UVU."
The magazine selects the annual recipients from nominations of business professionals in the community. They look for those who have contributed to the community and how they have led successes.

President Sederburg has his doctorate in political science from Michigan State University. He served as a state senator for Michigan and was president of Ferris State University before coming to UVSC.

Sederburg came to UVSC in 2003 and worked hard alongside his administration in getting the school recognized as a university. He was able to accomplish this in just a few years, as this goal will be fulfilled on July 1, 2008.

He told the magazine, "We’re working to create a new model, focusing on people, place and profession. My key strategy is to get a mutual vision of where we want to go. I know that one of our main goals is for UVSC to build people of integrity and character."

Although Sederburg was individually recognized as a key component in the success of UVSC, he feels that many people have worked hard to make university status happen.

"It was an honor to be recognized," Sederburg said in a press release. "However, I believe my name is merely a surrogate for the entire UVSC institution. We have all worked hard to make good things happen and we have."

Sederburg continues to make UVSC a place of quality higher education. He is currently working on recruiting students, changing policies, and hiring more full-time faculty for the future UVU.