For the past five years an evaluation of the school and conversations about planning, budgeting, and accountability (PBA) have occurred.

According to the PBA Guidebook, “All divisions, schools, colleges, and departments (units) are charged to annually review and update plans, develop initiates for the next one to three years, and assess activities of the past year.”

These “strategic” conversations are broken up into five directions each lead by a vice president: Interim Vice President Karl Worthington will lead the Engaged Learning conversation; Vice President Cory Duckworth, Community Engagement; Vice President Val Peterson, University Student Experience; Vice President Val Hale, Efficiencies and Resource Development; and the fifth conversation will be a wrap-up lead by Interim President Liz Hitch.

The PBA Guidebook states, “As these conversations focus on topics relevant to all areas of the university, attendance is strongly encouraged. Leaders should provided and encourage faculty and staff participation as much as possible without interrupting critical services.”

The meetings are similar to a town meeting where there is a presenter and the audience is allowed to comment and ask questions. Each division of the school must report and be accountable for the money they spend as well as requesting money for their needs.
During the meeting on Dec. 3 it was reported that the bookstore marks up textbooks 25 percent while other products are marked up 35 percent. The net profit of the bookstore was $436,640 during the 2008 fiscal year.

The meetings have an open dialog aspect where people can voice opinions and ask questions. The PBA process is a very informative process where every division of the school becomes accountable for their decisions and their future plans.