By Yvette Cruz
News Writer


It’s either happened to everyone or everyone knows someone it has happened to.


Unless a student has a class at seven or eight in the morning, parking is a struggle at UVU.  Students sometimes are left with no choice but to park where they shouldn’t.


“It’s a mad dash to get a spot,” said Alex Rivera, sophomore.


There are over 30,000 students enrolled at UVU and as of spring 2010 only 7660 parking stalls.  5,291 are for students and 1,458 are for employees leaving 911 stalls for visitors, motorcycles, disability/handicap and meters.  While there are many students who take other measures to get to school such as the bus or carpool, there aren’t really enough parking spaces for all students and faculty.


“That’s not good enough,” said Zach Riddle, senior.


UVU is aware of the problem many students face in finding a spot.  This year, an effort has been made to address the problem.  A new parking lot has been developed at the Hal Wing Track adding 450 parking stalls.


“I think they should make a multi-level lot,” said Cheryl Karr, instructor in the Communications Department.


For the Fall 2010-Summer 2011 school year, 30,651 parking permits of all kinds were sold totaling $936, 549.  In addition to that 26,036 parking citations were issued including warnings—2,999 which were unpaid—totaling $244,734.  Over $60,000 of that amount accounts for warnings and appeals.  Still, there was $96,185.50 in unpaid citations.


According to Systems Manager Jim Innes, parking services is completely self-funded. The money they get from permits and citations goes towards maintenance of the lots and shuttle services. Parking services doesn’t take anything out of student fees.


When a student feels they were given an underserved parking citation, there are ways they can fight it.  Students can request an appeal online or in person with Tina Medina at Parking Services.