UVU students are part of a select group of students nationwide who have the option of choosing from two types of university ID cards: the UV OneCard, and the UV PlusCard.

The UV OneCard and PlusCards are both multi-technology cards that will serve as university ID, library card, electronic UTA Ed Pass (bus pass) and allow door access for staff members, replacing the old proximity cards.

“Utah Valley University is the first institution in the country to combine this amount of technology in a campus ID card,” said Dawn Burgess, manager of Campus Connection.

In a joint effort with Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU), the new card will include the option to upgrade to a PlusCard — a Visa debit card with ATM capability.

“We heard about other schools having a Visa debit option on their cards, so we teamed up with UCCU for a Visa pilot program,” said Burgess. “Plus, we are looking to get our name out in the community, and having our logo on a Visa debit card seems like a great idea.”

“In order for students to take advantage of the new UV PlusCard, students will need a checking account through UCCU,” explained Brad Norton, Vice President of UCCU. “There are over 4,000 UVU students who already have an account through UCCU. Students who select the UV PlusCard will receive a free “Starving Student” Community Discount Card and free UTA Ed Pass.”

The UV PlusCard will create additional money for scholarships and internships for UVU students.

Burgess also said that the Visa debit option is not the only new technology feature for the new IDs; in conjunction with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) students and staff members can pay five dollars to have their UTA Ed Pass activated on their card.

“I like the idea of an electronic bus pass,” said a UTA driver. “Having riders wave their student IDs in front of a card reader should cut down the time it takes for us to check everyone’s IDs at each stop.”

In addition to these options, cardholders can place money on a meal plan account called GreenBucks and receive discounts at Dining Service locations on campus and on non-textbook items at the UVU Bookstore.

For $20, students can activate an option on their card to gain membership to the student section at sporting events, otherwise know as the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL).

Students must be enrolled for the fall 2008 semester to receive a OneCard or PlusCard and UTA Ed Pass.

For more information, contact Campus Connection at (801) 863-8797 or visit www.UVPlusCard.com