Feb. 29, 2008 brought great joy to Christina Lowe, who was crowned Miss UVU for the 2008-2009 school year. Lowe competed against 13 other female UVSC students, a first in the school’s history, for the honor of being named the first Miss UVU. Lowe’s attendants are Stephanie Millard, Libby Chatfield and Katie Angerbauer.

Lowe stole the hearts of the judges with her on stage questions and her talent, in which she sang "Time to say Goodbye," by Sara Brightman.

Lowe is a sophomore majoring in Communications. With her new crowning, Lowe promises to promote the political process and encourage students to vote. "In the next year I plan to hold rallies at UVU that feature keynote debates, promoting early voting," Lowe said.

Her total winnings were a $1,000 scholarship to UVU, a Bon Losee necklace, $100 credit to Bon Losee, and $200 credit to UVU’s bookstore. Lowe will compete for the title of Miss Utah later this year.