The Math Lab at UVU has all the answers you need to pass your math class, but better than that they will give you tools to answer the questions yourself. Christina Ruth/UVU Review

For many students, math is difficult.

General education mathematic requirements notoriously stunt would-be graduates during their last year at UVU.

It can tarnish otherwise flawless grade point averages, and some students will even spend thousands of dollars to take courses off-campus that guarantee the fulfillment of these requirements.

The Math Lab, located in LA 201, is designed to help students who struggle with the subject. Through student tutoring, educational resources and other programs offered in a relaxed atmosphere, this free resource helps students understand mathematical principles at their own pace and apply them to course work.

“Students would be hard pressed to find a school that does as much as UVU does to help students be successful in mathematics,” said Kathy Van Wagoner, the manager of the university’s Math Lab. “There is plenty of help available for students willing to look for it.”

The lab offers tutoring for students in any level of math, from basic through upper division courses.

There is even help for the calculus and statistics courses required by most departments for graduation.

“Here’s how the Math Lab works,” said Van Wagoner. “Come to the Math Lab and do your homework. If you are really struggling and need more intensive, one-on-one help, then there is free private tutoring, called personal tutoring, that you can sign up for at the front desk.”

Students who miss class and are playing catch-up in their course can also check out video lectures at the Math Lab, which are available at the front desk.

While the student tutors are willing to help with questions, the tutors’ job is not to teach.  Tutors are there to guide and help a student process and learn information.

The Math Lab is not the only resource available to students. In a real-time “math-chat” called MathLabOnline, students who have questions about the subject can chat with a Math Lab tutor using an online whiteboard.

There are also several other locations where students can seek help.  There are smaller math labs located in the Tutoring Commons in the Losee and Woodbury buildings, as well as at Wolverine Crossing Apartments on the fourth floor of building G.  Math Tutors are also available in the Study Zone in the student center and even at the Wasatch Campus.

For more information on the Math Lab, online resources, hours and locations, visit their website at or visit the UVU Math Lab Blog at