Many students plan on furthering their education after receiving their bachelor’s degree. This school provides many resources for students interested in working toward more education.

One important resource on campus is Eileen Doyle Crane, the pre-law advisor. Crane helps students who are looking to go to law school after their undergrad studies; helping students choose a major and decide which classes to take that will benefit them most.

Crane holds weekly workshops to give students an opportunity to prepare for the application process for law school. Workshop topics include: the Law School Admissions Test, personal statements, paying for law school and many others.

Crane is also in charge of the law school “Dean’s Night,” where deans and representatives from several law schools across the country come and students have an opportunity to meet them and ask questions about their schools.

During “Dean’s Night” there is a mock admissions panel. Students and deans go over several applications together and the deans instruct on what is acceptable and what is not in an application.

Students who want to speak with Crane can email her at to set up an appointment.