It’s the simplest way to find anything these days – the internet. The Utah Valley University website has everything a student could possibly need, including a link to a site that has the potential to help hundreds of students pay for school at
This important site was created to allow both faculty and students to apply for a variety of jobs on campus, from food services to research assistants. For those who hope to finish school with their heads above the water and clear of loan sharks, working on campus is both supportive and accessible.
“I think it’s really convenient,” said Mackenzie Mijares, 22, employee at the UVU Campus Bookstore. Mijares previously worked at a Sorensen call center for a year and a half. When she decided it was time to move on, she had already prepared an application on the website that was ready to send out.
“It’s easier and it saves all your information, saves your resume for anytime you need it,” Mijares said.
The website was designed for easy navigation and users can apply for all the jobs available at Utah Valley University. The applicant creates an account, fills out an all-around application, and may apply for as many jobs that they are qualified for with a few simple clicks.
“It’s nice to apply for many different jobs at a time,” said Jordan Scott, 19, UVU Campus Bookstore student employee.
Every application is saved in the account for as long as the user needs. Other documents may be uploaded onto the site for submission, such as résumés and letters of recommendation.
There are a few jobs on campus that won’t show up on the site. Chain restaurants, like Subway and Jamba Juice, offer applications through the original company’s website. Most jobs at Utah Valley University can be found on the university’s website.