Originally from Arcata, California, Jac (pronounced as Jake not Jack) Scott has spent his life in what he calls his own Bermuda Triangle, traveling from California to Utah to Idaho, and back again. Lucky for Utah Valley University, however, he made his most recent stop here. While campus goers might not know him by name, or even face for that matter, they will recognize his photographs that adorn the university’s walls and advertisements. He is our hero for the week. Here is what he had to say.

Q: When did you start working at UVU?

A: After I was fired from Nu Skin Enterprise.

Q: What is your title/position?

A: UVU Marketing Lead Photographer.

Q: What made you want to work here?

A: Simon Blundell.

Q: Tell me something about UVU that most people don’t know?

A: We have the largest business school in the state.

Q: What has been your greatest failure while working at UVU?

A: I proposed that UVSC should change the school colors and mascot with the upgrading to university. I wanted brown and orange and I thought the carp would be good. They said no. Failure. I have seen way more carp around here then wolverines.

Q: Name three things about you that none, or very few, of your associates know?

A: I hate static, like from rubbing a balloon. My fourth toe hides behind my third toe on both feet. And I used to dress up and perform the song “Big Spender” from the play “Sweet Charity.”

Q: Tell me something, outside of photography, that you are passionate about?

A: Cartoon Network.

Q: What are your fears or phobias about life?

A: My fear is that one night during my night terrors I will end up outside in my underwear washing the car with the dog as my sponge, yelling, “This sound infected.”

Q: What would you do if you were given a million dollars?

A: Spend it really fast so the government wouldn’t know I had it.

Q: Is there anything else you feel inclined to add or tell UVU students, faculty and staff?

A: I have somehow surrounded myself with the best and most talented people. I know with every fiber of my being this is where I am supposed to be. Seriously so blessed.