Halloween is just around the corner, which means you’ve got to come up with something to wear on the night of the 31st. Plus, deep down inside, we all still like to play dress up. If dressing up doesn’t appeal to you, then the fact that Halloween is the only non-cutesy holiday should be cause enough for a celebration. In 2007, 63 percent of adults celebrated Halloween, so even If your budget is limited, don’t let that put a damper on your fun. Here are some fun costume designs that cost little to nothing at all:

1: Combine what you already own
Most people would be surprised to see what they have lying in the bottom of their closets. Assembling or borrowing clothing is a great way to make a Halloween costume for no money at all. Grab an old prom dress, add a crown, and you can be a Miss America. If you have boots, a hat and a scarf, then call yourself a cowboy. Also, swapping costumes with friends can be an easy and quick solution.

2: Try D.I.
D.I. is a treasure trove of random odds and ends that can be assembled to make a Halloween costume. Most clothing items at D.I. are well under $10. Searching for a costume at D.I. is not for the faint of heart; it takes patience. The store is disorganized, and around Halloween it is pretty busy, but it has many unique, inexpensive items you won’t find anywhere else.

3: Grab the glue and scissors
If you have a brown shirt and pants, you can glue green Easter grass to them and call yourself a Chia Pet. Gluing movie ticket stubs, popcorn and spare change could make you the floor of a dollar theater. I once saw a guy dress in green with bows and Christmas ornaments hanging on him — a preseason Tannenbaum. If all else fails, grab a textbook, wear wrinkled clothes, hold a cup of coffee and call yourself an overworked college student. These ideas may sound ridiculous, but they can be really funny if done well.

Whether you already have plans for Halloween or not, these costumes ideas can be a quick way to find a costume this year. So don’t just sit around eating candy corn in front of the TV. Go out and dress up.