Break up before, during or after Feb 14?


“Everyone’s with someone on Valentine’s Day, but if you’ve just broken up with someone then it becomes Single Awareness Day. If you break up. It’s just a day where everyone takes pity on you. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a pity party. It’s easier to just pretend everything is ok.”

-Emily Dinsdale


“If they know they’re going to do it, but it depends on the situation.  If she is really sensitive, maybe wait.”

-Whitney Leftwich


“Before, because it’s a waste of a Valentine’s Day if it’s not real.”

-Ben Montclair


“During and before Valentine’s Day you relive the honeymoon faze, but after you think, wait a minute, I am a slave.”

-Gustobo Riberio


“Before, so you can have the good memory.  If you want to keep the friendship.”

-Felix Salomone


“Definitely not during. I say before, because that’s just mean. And it’s easier
that way.”

-Cindy Thurber


“Before. It’s a waste of money if you don’t like the girl, but it depends on the relationship you want to have after.”

-McLean Taylor


“Before. Then you don’t have to waste your money on anything.”

-Shae Zimmerman


“Before. Then you don’t have any obligation.”

-Mike Jensen