Unfortunately for some students, the latest fashion trends for our spring semester include crutches, slings and walking boots.


After an unfortunate snowboarding accident at the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City recently, Ian Plocher, UVU student broke his right foot and pulled his Achilles tendon, and is now walking through campus on crutches. After speaking with him, it was evident that he and many other students are unaware of the accommodations that are available for the time he and others remain injured.



“I’m currently on crutches and just park as close as I can, but I still have to walk quite a distance,” Plocher said.


If students find themselves in a situation like Plocher, there are options available to make classes, commuting to classes and parking less complicated.


If your situation gets a little difficult, students can ask their doctor to issue a handicapped placard for a vehicle so they don’t have to walk as far to classes.


As confirmed by Parking Services, UVU allows students to park in the Student Center Visitors Lot in marked handicapped spots for free. They just have to show their placard to the parking attendant as they leave and they’ll be let out free of charge.


If an injury causes any more inabilities, including the ability to arrive to class on time, ability to take notes for classes, staying for the entire class period or any other reason, students should contact Accessibility Services. They are found in LC 312 and can be reached via phone at extension 8747.


Students can bring in a diagnosis from a doctor, and they will help with any situation students need assistance with. If teachers are giving students a hard time for being late over something they can’t help, they can get a “lenience form” which prevents teachers from taking it out on students academically.


For further information concerning parking, contact Parking Services, located at 936 S. 400 West, east of the main campus across from Lakeridge Junior High School at extension 8188.


By Brielle Valyntín Alexander
Staff Writer