Dr. Ruhul H. Kuddus was recently announced the 2009 through 2010 University Faculty Fellow in Ethics by the Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Advisory Committee.

Following David Knowlton, associate professor of Anthropology, and Laura Hamblin, professor of English and literature who were each previously granted the fellowship, Kuddus is the third UVU professor to receive this distinguished recognition.

This opportunity is meant to enable professors across all departments to explore moral dilemmas in their various expertise. The research will ideally stimulate publication and contribute to the UVU community.

Dr. Kuddus will be allotted a $7,000 grant with which he can pursue his research of the ethics of stem cell research and organ transplantation. These finances are to be judiciously used in hiring research assistants, investing in research materials, covering travel expenses to areas related to research and the procurement of an adjunct professor to alleviate the fellow’s burgeoning workload.

With undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry and zoology from the University of Daka in Bangladesh, an M.S. in biology from George Mason University in Virginia, and a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and biochemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Kuddus has an extensive background in his area of study.

As an associate professor of biology at UVU, Dr. Kuddus teaches microbiology, immunology and molecular biology.

Before employment at UVU, Dr. Kuddus was a member of the Thomas Starzl Transplantation Institute and served as assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He also contributed his capacities as the president of Development Initiative of Bangladesh.

The author of publications in areas such as molecular biology, transplantation immunology and biotechnology, Dr. Kuddus has done substantial research in several disciplines. He has also edited two volumes of research on developmental issues in lesser developed countries.

In 2008 the UVU Center for Engaged Learning provided Dr. Kuddus with the funds to create an open access journal focusing on medical ethics, the ethics of organ acquirement and transplantation and biotechnology transfer.

The 2010 University Faculty Fellow in Ethics keynote address held during Ethics Awareness Week will allow Dr. Kuddus to present the progression of his research.