Sen. Hatch addresses attendees at an economic summit on Sept. 9. Hatch asserted his belief that overtaxation and big government has caused problems. Andrea Lindgren/UVU Review

Senator Orrin Hatch’s annual economic summit took place in the Grande Ballroom on Sept. 9.

As part of the conference, three notable guests spoke and participated in an open forum with Sen. Hatch.

The guests included Donald Danner, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business; Dr. Ed Catmull, President and co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Walt Disney Animation Studios; and David Walker, President and CEO of the Peter G Peterson Foundation.

The state of the economy in our country was discussed by the four speakers, as well as ideas on what can be done to improve the economy.

Hatch expressed concerns that the over-taxation of larger companies by a too powerful government would make America less competitive and cause present companies to go overseas, which would ultimately create greater job loss here.

“We should be reducing taxes, not raising them,” Sen. Hatch said. “We need to reduce government.”

During the question and answer portion of the conference, one attendee asked what they could do to get involved and make a difference in this country. Danner suggested that the people needed to vote, writer letters to representatives and participate in campaigns.

“We the people are responsible for what does and what does not happen in America,” Danner said. “We are in this situation not because we did too much, but because we didn’t do enough.”