Paramedics help a biker after being struck by a car. He was later taken to a local hospital. Gilbert Cisneros/UVU Review

32-year-old male from Orem was struck while riding his bicycle March 31.

At approximately 9:45 am, the biker was riding along 800 south. When he crossed in front of the LDS Institute’s overflow parking lot, he was struck by a car. It appeared, from the blood on the scene, that he head struck part of the curb along the entrance ramp into the parking lot.

An eyewitness noted that the bike rider had several cuts on his face. His shirt was also torn in several places. Although he was conscious and seemed to move of his own power, he was taken to a local hospital.

The Orem police department has not yet released the name of the biker, nor is it clear whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the vehicle. It is also unclear from which direction the car came when it struck him.