Congressman Rob Bishop shared his thoughts with students Monday morning on how to develop a political philosophy. With perfectly coiffed gray hair and dark navy suit, he seemed a model Republican. As Congressman, Bishop represents Utah’s first district over Logan, Ogden, Farmington and parts of North Salt Lake City. He began his speech by teaching students the difference between conservatives and progressives. “We all choose our own ideals and mostly stick to what our parents believe. If you want to be rebellious and break away you mostly will return to your parents views or standpoints.”

When breaking down various types of political philosophies, he gave the example of libertarian conservatives, constitutional conservatives (where he placed himself), and briefly described conservatism from various points of view. When the question arose about the types of liberalism, he jokingly said, “I don’t care about them,” and did not elaborate any more on liberalism. When outlining government he declared, “Politics is that of power and where it will be centered. It can be either in the government or in the individual. That is the political philosophical debate.”