In order to accommodate an anticipated increase in student usage, the UVU library staff will be administering a voluntary campus-wide survey during the beginning of fall semester to determine whether an extension of the library’s hours is in order.

“We are looking for a data-driven decision,” said UVU Library Director Mike Freeman. “We want the reality of our decision to bear that out.”

Freeman said that the Library administration would really like to extend the hours, but only if students actually come and use the building.

The first option is to extend the closing time from 11 p.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday nights. The second option presented is to have the library open on Sundays, and the last option is a combination of extending the closing time to midnight during the week and opening the library on Sundays.

“We will probably collect data this semester, then we will move forward from there,” said Lesli Baker, UVU Library assistant director of public service. “However, if we’re getting really strong input to extend the hours, we could start earlier.”

There’s been some speculation that having the library open on Sunday could prove to be a valuable asset to the UVU community. Being open on Sunday could bring in a new group of students who feel that it is an ideal time and space for studying.

“I feel that the library is filling a role on campus that other places in the valley have been filling in the past, giving students a proper environment to study in,” said Student Body President Joseph Watkins. “I also feel that the library is such a great asset for students.”

If the survey shows that a large amount of students would use the space during those times, then the library hours will change to accommodate the students’ needs.