Any questions about campus events that students may have, such as where to locate a building or where to buy tickets to a theater department play, can be answered by the staff at Campus Connection.

Campus Connection, located on the first level of the Sorensen Student Center, provides general information for the UVU community and offers many student services, including creating ID cards (UV OneCard and PlusCards), issuing bus passes (UTA Ed Pass), a fax service, and box office services for the Regan Theatre.

“There are services that we offer here at Campus Connection that students don’t realize. We have an incoming and outgoing fax service for a small fee, and we approve signs that can be hung up around campus,” said Gus Pacchiega, campus connection assistant manager. “We are also the off-campus housing office.”

In addition to these services, students can place money on their UV OneCard, which is called a GreenBucks account, by visiting Campus Connection in person or through their Web site.

“We have added the online GreenBucks feature for the convenience of students, faculty and staff,” said Pacchiega. “Now parents can add money to their son or daughter’s account online, and staff members don’t even have to leave their office.”

If students have any questions about campus procedures, building locations or just want to know where a professor’s office is located, Campus Connection can help.
For more information call (801) 863-8797 or visit their Web site at