New Business Resource center is a great tool for entrepreneurs and startup businesses.


The Business Resource Center, located behind The Hampton Inn across the street from UVU, held an open house open to the public on Jan. 27. The new BRC is a tool for entrepreneurs to get help with their startups, and extend their network of business communications.


At the BRC students will find many things upon walking in. Not only is the building high-tech, but it is also an environment full of innovation and creativity. The resource center even has a simple 7-point plan to help entrepreneurs organize their business plan into a clean and concise strategy.


Some of the interesting stats that the BRC presents are stats on how UVU impacted our economy. A study by Jack Faucett Associates, Inc. states that 3,700 graduates from UVU’s class of 2010 has a projected lifetime income of 1.9 billion dollars, and 87 percent of UVU alumni will remain in Utah- impacting the state and it’s economy overall.


The business resource center is not only a great place for entrepreneurs, but an educational environment for those who want to help the economy grow and succeed. In the brochure that is available at the BRC, it states there are many areas that business people may need help or resources on.


The areas that the business resource center can help entrepreneurs with include the following: Economic development, small business development, technology commercialization, science and technology, manufacturing extension and procurement and technical assistance.


Karen Wenn, Administrator for Steven Roy the associate vice president, said that the new business resource center is a “one-stop shop for businesses in the community.” Wenn said that in order for entrepreneurs to get help with starting their business, they can setup an appointment with the business development center.


“The business development center, helps with anything from business plans to going to banks with a fast pitch,” Wenn said.


In the business world, “fast pitch” is a quick pitch of an entrepreneurs’ business plan, which sparks interest with possible investors.


Colin Jube, an entrepreneur who is in UVU student government, and a finance and economic representative said that one of his favorite things about the new business resource center is their involvement in the “Foundry”, which was originally started at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.


“A professor at the University of Utah did some research on businesses,” Jube said. “And found that businesses started by entrepreneurial undergrads are largely successful today. The foundry has helped reduced the rate of failing businesses, and is a great asset to the community.”


Overall, the new business resource center is a great place for entrepreneurs looking for a little help, or anyone in the community who has an interest in business and how to get involved.


For more information, or to make an appointment with the Business resource center you can visit their website at or call (801)863-2720.


By Kari Harbath
News Writer