This list could easily be a cop-out. I mean, list a few John Hughes films and you could have a complete collection, as the recently passed director/magician did define a generation/genre of filmmaking. But here are a few films that will ease you back into the grind of class schedules and textbooks. I mean, who wants to read anyway?

Billy Madison– “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I am not a fool.” If Adam Sandler can pass grades 1-12 in just a few weeks, think of how much you can accomplish in a semester. At least you know how to spell “couch” and write cursive “z’s,” and you may end up having Chris Farley as your bus driver. Lesson learned: Take public transit.

Dazed and Confused– Disclaimer:
Dazed and Confused is not about drugs. Some of today’s most well-respected actors star in this hugely funny comedy about the last day of school. Capturing the excitement of summer, it will make you wish you made more of your summer vacation and wish you drank a lot more beer.

Rushmore– Ambitious Max Fischer will put your list of extra curricular activities to shame. Not only does this kid speak French, direct plays and fly kites; he finds enough time to swoon his favorite teacher and get funding for an aquarium in her honor. Have a crush on your professor? Rushmore will give you great ideas on how to make the relationship bloom, and then, appropriately, violently explode.

Dangerous Minds– Michelle Pfeiffer goes to the inner city and teaches angry kids life lessons and academics at the same time. Yes, it is predictable and cheesy, but it also has a message. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, that white, mousy teacher you have may actually have a big heart behind her awfully delivered accent.

Old School– If only UVU had legitimate fraternities. Those not in college look at you and think you really have it going for you just because you go to college. Midnight streaking, killer house parties and the perpetual lack of studying in Old School will remind you that college life is meant to be fun, and not being an official Greek house doesn’t mean you can’t have hazing… kidding, it’s called rushing.