That is the name Daniel Gibbons gave his essay when he entered the Someday Stories contest held by Wells Fargo Bank earlier this year.

Since the beginning, Daniel has been a winner: winning $1,000 first, then $10,000 and now having the chance to win $100,000.

For those who have followed the contest, Danny is winning by 432 points as of Oct. 1; in second place is a finalist from Massachusetts. Let’s show Massachusetts how it is done in Utah! Let’s support Daniel by going to the Wells Fargo Bank website ( and voting for Danny.

For those of you who do not know what this is about, check it out on the website and cast your vote too.

You will also be asked to choose a nonprofit organization of your choice, and they will get $250,000. One of the organizations is the Boys and Girls Club, who need the funds desperately.

Remember that what you do for others is the legacy you leave behind.