With the transition to university status, the school’s Web site received a major facelift and, along with it, a new name.
Prior to the actual switch over to a university, the school launched the home page of its new university Web site: www.uvu.edu

Rare Method, a Salt Lake City based marketing firm, designed the site, focusing on trying to keep a similar familiarity, while adding an up-to-date, interactive presence.

The Web site is based on a bulletin board theme. Users are able to roll over items on the board and have information pop up in a changing window on the right-hand side.

"We’re very pleased with Rare Method’s design of our new Web site," said Val Hale, vice president for advancement at UVSC and co-chair of the UVU Image Committee, in a college marketing press release. "Once it’s complete, the site will offer increased usability for our students, faculty and staff as well as give our online presence a boost."

Rare Method worked for the school before, as they were commissioned to design the new logos for the school and athletics.

Currently, the new Web page only contains the front page, with links on the page being redirected to UVSC’s current Web site. With time, more up-to-date links will be added, but with all mentions of UVSC needing to be switched to UVU, the transition will take more time and effort. The first sites planned to make the transition are the prospective students/admissions sites.

"Creating this new look has taken countless hours of preparation, implementation and testing from our Web developers and programmers," Hale said. "We applaud their hard work, and are looking forward to seeing the site fully functional."

With more than 32,000 different Web pages, the transition will take some time, but programmers are hopeful the most visited sites will be in the new system by July 1, 2008.