You are strong.


Brittany Andrews, owner of the 5-month-old Yoga Underground in Provo, operates her yoga studio around that idea.


Coming from Andrews, it should be expected. She has completed about a dozen triathlons and finished roughly 20 bike races –her most recent being 200 miles.


Though her personal fitness requires more than the casual workout, she won’t separate people by levels, rather, pushing people according to personal fitness level.


But she does intend to push you.


Her combination of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates and really great music playlists means that her students are moving the whole time.


“I don’t like beginning classes that coddle people,” Andrews said. “Harder classes are more motivating.”


A large part of getting people ready for the challenge is her choice of music. Each classes’ playlist is hand-selected to fit with the mood she wants the class to have. She plays calm chants like most yoga studios, but she has used Ozzy Osbourne and Led Zeppelin to get people energized.


“I put a lot of time into designing playlists that have the kind of energy I want the class to have,” Andrews said. “Music can play a really big role in that.”


Yoga Underground offers eight different classes, each sort of choreographed to fit a certain mood and energy.


She has been certified to teach for about four years, but has been doing yoga for 10. Obviously interested in fitness, she used yoga as a way to build strength when she started taking classes 10 years ago, but found a passion for its ability to help one focus and find relief.


“I started doing yoga because it makes me strong. I kept it up because it keeps me sane,” she said.


Join Andrews for a free workout of the body, mind and soul on September 12 and try it out.


Back-to-school event
6:30 p.m., free
78 w. Center Street, Provo

Yoga Underground
Student monthly: $30
10 card punch pass: $45
Drop-in: $8
78 W. Center Street, Provo
(Shares a building with United Studio of Self Defense)
Check out Facebook or for more information