The hip-hop competition’s popularity has risen and is expected to have 1,000 students in attendance at this semester’s competition.

Teams wait as one after another take the floor.  Lights turn on in a spin of dots.  Music jumps through the ground with metallic rhythm, lyrics intertwine amidst the melodies for cerebral spice that tingles the ear.  Tryouts will begin weeks before the actual competition with a single song and audition.


The UVU Student Life and Activities branch is putting together another round of Best Dance Crew for students to express their hip-hop genius.


“Last school year we expected one hundred students to attend,” said Fine Arts Chair Cori Fox, head of the Best Dance Crew activity, “but four hundred showed up.”


The hip-hop competition’s popularity has risen and is expected to garner 1,000 students in attendance to this semester’s competition.


Students can register for the event in room 105 in the Student Center with auditions to be held on Oct. 27and 28 in the Ballroom from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Each crew must bring a minimum of four team members and their own song, hip-hop only, to perform within a 15 minute time period in front of members of the Fine Arts Committee.


A total of eight crews will be chosen to perform in the actual event that will take place Nov. 17.  One of the judges for the event will be Miss Utah Danica Olsen.  Three cash prizes will be awarded: $500 for first place, $300 for second place and $100 for third place.


The Best Dance Crew competition is based on the MTV event of the same name, and the talent at the UVU rivals that shown on broadcast television.  Previous performances can be viewed on YouTube and on a commercial for the BDC event.  There is also a Facebook event that can be found to support the BDC competition.  It is Fox’s intent, as well as that of the entire Student Life and Activities branch that students will find the competition engaging and expand the campus’s sense of a tight-knit community even further.


By Eric Wood