President and Mrs. Holland

My first date with Paige was lunch at Magelby’s restaurant in Provo. I was two hours late.  Long story. The gist of it is as follows. My brother who was seven years younger than I had had his wedding reception the night before. Every family-friend and relative I had, came through the line with some comment. I awoke the next morning with a non-alcoholic, emotional hangover. The last thing I wanted to do was go on another blind date—especially since the very next day I was headed back east for year two of graduate school. I actually made my way to the phone to cancel the date. But then, an image of my scolding sister flashed before my eyes. My sister had set up this date and promised me there were not many women out there like Paige. So, instead of calling to cancel, I called to say I was delayed. Even after that, I continued to move through the morning in a kind of fog. Fortunately, Paige thought enough of my sister to not just tell me to forget it when I was more than a little tardy. Once I actually showed up, I knew instantly I was a fool for not being there right at noon with flowers in hand. I can still remember exactly what she wore: a sea-foam green blouse, faded jeans and chocolate brown loafers with a thick, tall heel. Conversation was completely comfortable and engaging. I was smitten. The moment was magical.


By President Matthew Holland