There is an adrenaline rush at the cozy club on Centre Street in Provo. Comedy Sports cast and team-mates will parachute you into the unknown with their “in the moment” world of comedy.

It’s about improvisational dialogues deriving from suggested “games” alternating with ideas sprung from the audience.
Somebody tosses out a line and the show begins. The scenery consists of a stage, with a wall, a window, a door, and a balcony on the “second floor.” On the back wall hang hundreds of costumes, wigs, and hats to accommodate the various shows. The show does not have preplanned dialogue like standup comedy. At Comedy Sportz, the source of fun springs from the imaginations of the players, the audience, and the feedback they give each other. It’s every bit as fun as the popular TV show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Bring a friend and be prepared to play.

With an ensemble of around forty five people, they alternate evenings of about five performers per night together with one of three musicians in the cast. They joke and they sing: a talented bunch who knows how to harmonize too.

If a player makes “lewd or crude” humor he or she has to play while wearing a brown paper bag over his or her head. It’s definitely a place were one can experience fun without alcohol and offensive language. It is an evening well spent and guaranteed for ages between 12 and 100. The talent reaches to even younger children at private parties.

Comedy Sportz is very popular. To guarantee a spot in one of the 120 seats you need to make reservations ahead of time. You can also book a show for your private party or workplace. There is also an added bonus: Comedy Sportz offers workshops. How fun is that? Check out the training center and perhaps you can become a team player at this popular spot in downtown Provo.

More info

Where: 36 Center street Provo,

ph. 801-377-9700

When: Main events Fridays, Saturdays 8pm and 10:15,

Tickets: $8 prepaid and $10 at the door

Thursdays: 8pm

Tickets: $4