Sometimes the line where one music genre begins and another ends isn’t that clear. One group riding that line pretty hard these days is The Hood Internet.

With a name that sounds like it could suggest any number of other things, The Hood Internet is two white guys with laptops, ABX (Aaron Brink) and DJ STV SLV (Steve Reidell), who, with a little help from their “interns,” match quirky indie beats to smooth hip hop, R&B and rap lyrics.

With a current discography, if that’s what you can call it, consisting of two “mixtapes” of their mash-ups, and another mix that features The Pack matched up to a few different indie artists’ music, The Hood Internet have a repertoire that easily establishes them as a force in the world of marrying two songs into one.

In fact, they have gained a lot of notoriety recently for their work, which is all – including a massive collection of tracks not found on the mixtapes – available for free on their blog, their Facebook page and their MySpace page. They have been featured in a number of popular music blogs and in a few different mash-up lists and compilations, as well as being featured on Pitchfork’s “Forkcast” numerous times.

For a taste of what these guys do, imagine Rihanna singing over Chromeo, or Soulja Boy put on top of a Digitalism tune. The list of R&B and hip-hop lyrics put up against electronic and indie tunes goes on and on. In all, ABX and DJ STV SLV have put together about 120 tunes