After Microsoft Zune super fan Steven Smith, better known as the Zune Guy to the online communities, received his third Zune-themed tattoo, the question that begged answering was What’s next?

The answer came when Smith posted in the forums that he is now in the process of changing his name to "Microsoft Zune."

Within the post, Smith made it clear that he wanted to make the change all-inclusive. "Also, if I get what I want and this goes through, I will be changing all my important documents over to my ‘new name.’ So look back sometime for a Iowa driver’s license with my new name."

Smith also claims that he has done some initial research on the feasibility of changing his name to that of a trademarked product. He claimed that, according to what he found, the change could be made as long as the person changing their name is not benefiting from the change or doing it to harm the company or product in any way.

Naturally, once major technology blog sites caught wind of this news, the "Zune tattoo guy" was quickly a topic of much discussion, drawing both encouraging and negative feedback from various places on the Web.

Steven Smith’s dream of becoming Microsoft Zune may not be as farfetched as it sounds. American professional wrestler Brian Hellwig, best known as the Ultimate Warrior in the WWF, legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993 in order to use the name outside of the WWF.

A man named John Sterling reportedly changed his name legally to Sony PlayStation after becoming obsessed with the game console. And who could forget in March 2005 when Terri Iligan auctioned off her name on E-Bay and legally changed her name to, the winning bid, for $15,000.

Currently, any further information about Smith’s quest to become Microsoft Zune is still under wraps. But he has promised that he will be making video posts to document his quest in the zunescene forums.