Over 100 art majors and non-majors at UVU submitted entries to the Woodbury Museum’s Student Art Show this March. After being judged by an external juror and the director of the museum, fourteen pieces were chosen, and twelve corresponding student artists were awarded cash prizes earlier this month.

The juror was Gary Barton, a professor of art at BYU. Barton received his MFA at Ohio State University in 1994. Since his graduation, Barton has had works in exhibits in France, Tonga, Italy, New Zealand, and Canada, as well as Utah, of course.

Barton chose five pieces to award the Juror’s Award of Excellence; Christopher Clark’s Untitled, K. Sean Sullivan’s Lil’ Brown Jug II, Cody Chamberlain’s Lithic Design, Jeff Fowler’s Ducks in the City, and Josie Bell’s Amazon’s Degradation.
Marcus Vincent, Director of the Woodbury Art Museum, also assessed the entries. He chose to give the Director’s Choice Awards to Laura Trinnaman for her Statue Danaids and Jesse Royston for the painting Renew Orleans II.

Finally, seven Juror’s Honorable Mention awards went to K. Sean Sullivan, Sam Scholes, Kelsie Monson, Jenny Estrada, Michael Haddock, Patric Bates, and Jesse Royston.

Students, who were allowed to submit work in any media, were required to have created the piece during the last year. Performance pieces were not eligible.

The cash awards were funded by entry fees to the contest. Students were required to give $5 with each entry.

Students whose art works were not accepted to be displayed at the Woodbury have set up a new exhibit called Salon De Refuses.

“There was so much amazing work presented for entry this year but only half of those were accepted,” said Carlene Johnson, an organizer of the exhibit. “As a result we have such an array of beautiful art that needs to be seen. Thats what we do art for; it is a communication. But if no one sees it, then who is listening? Every artist deserves to be seen.”

Salon De Refuses gets its name from a French salon created in the 1800s. After being rejected from other Salons in Paris, a group of avant garde artists created their own exhibit, literally translated as the Gallery of the Rejected.

The gallery will open this Friday, April 24. Refreshments will be served from 7-9 p.m.

When: Now until May 1, open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: Woodbury Art Museum, 575 W. University Parkway, Orem in the University Mall

Admission: Free
For more info call the museum at 801-863-6200 or visit www.uvu.edu/museum