The concept of art brought new meaning as students gathered to enjoy the rhythmic flow of the open mic night for the newly formed English Club at UVU on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The club held their first poetry reading and invited Professor Rob Carney to share his brilliance with the written word.


Carney, who teaches in the English department, has published over three books of poetry and is currently working to complete a fourth, all with his signature wittiness and flow. Carney also shared several tidbits of advice on how to gain inspiration while writing after he imparted a variety of his own works including a love poem, children’s poem and a poem about his rendition of the “new” signs of the Zodiac.


“You don’t have to always tell true stories. But you don’t have to tell people if there are facts or not. Let the mystery remain,” Carney said.


Carney said he begins the writing process, “gratefully! Sometimes months go by. It usually starts with a voice of lines – not that I’m schizo. If you get stuck, then redirect. You crack, chisel and bang your head. Sometimes it helps to have an annoying friend to pester you.”


Following Carney’s lead, several students also recited and read their own poems. The range of emotions invoked by the pieces ranged from thought provoking to intense to even humorous.


“I went to Club Rush week, and realized that there wasn’t a club for writing or English majors, or even a book club for that matter. So I decided to start one,” Ammon Medina, a sophomore and President of the English Club said about how the poetry readings began.


The new club on campus invites any creative writings to be shared and discussed, whether it is poetry, fiction, non-fiction or short stories.


“Our meetings really work as an additional source on campus,” Medina said. “Basically if you are looking for an audience and want feedback outside of the writing lab, you can come share you creativity with us and we will help you improve.”


The English Club will continue to hold meetings every Tuesday night, and an open mic poetry reading with a guest speaker will occur on the last Tuesday of every month. Those interested in joining can find them on