Johanne Frechette Perry gives a wonderful performance at the Covey center’s little Blackbox theatre. This tiny woman has a mighty range of emotions and the ability to hold the audience captivated with her brilliant performance from start to finish.

Surprisingly, this true story was written by Perry’s husband Steven Kapp Perry. One could have thought a woman’s hand was holding the pen because it was brilliantly written and captured the inner feelings of a woman’s heart.

Steven wrote a book based on a true story about his great-great grandmother’s move to the American west. He truly has a genuine talent like his own renowned mother Janice Kapp Perry with words that touch the strings of the heart.

He said after consulting with our own one-man show genius James Arrington at the UVU theatre department “that I admire so much,” he took the book and crafted it into a one woman-musical script for his talented wife. Albeit he did admit that by the third draft he consulted his wife who helped him make a few adjustments.

Of course the man is brilliant, but never underestimate that wife of his. She delivers the dialogue with humor and sincerity mixed in with songs in a clear pitch. With her husbands accompaniment, she propells the story forward in an easy to follow motion.

This truly is an enchanting performance and a noteworthy piece of history for men and woman alike. For an aspiring performer this would be a great study in the art, for it is remarkable for any actor to perform alone with such ease.

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Where: Covey Center for the Arts’ Brinton Black Box Theatre

When: Jan. 29 – Feb. 21 every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $10. Purchase at the Covey center ticket office at 425 W. Center St. in Provo, by calling 801-852-7007, or by visiting