After someone close commits suicide, many are left to deal with the trauma, now, with a new support group on campus, they do not have to deal with it alone.


When Wade Haskell, a married father of two, lost his mother last July to suicide, he immediately sought out a support group in Provo for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. He met with the group once a month, talked and listened to the other members, taking comfort in knowing he wasn’t alone. The group was a huge help to him in his time of need. Now Haskell is starting up the same type of support group here on campus.


With over 32,000 students, Haskell figured there would likely be a need for a group like this on campus. “It would fill a need that I think is probably here,” Haskell said.


Called “Breathe: Suicide Survivors Support Group,” the group would be open to anyone who has lost a friend or family member to suicide.


“We would meet, talk, tell our stories, or just be around people who completely understand,” Haskell said.


Though Haskell emphasized there wouldn’t be a therapist sitting in on the support group, one would be on hand if needed. However the focus of the group would be to “be an aid during a time of need and trauma that will last longer than their time here at UVU.”


The group is still in its beginnings. Haskell is planning on starting a Facebook page, as well as advertising around campus. The first meeting will be on Feb. 28, from 6-8 p.m. in the Health and Wellness Center in the Sorenson Center. The group will meet on the last Tuesday of every month.


Haskell hopes the support group will become a permanent fixture here on campus, providing students with a “support network that is specific to their need.”


By Kelly Cannon
Life Editor