In the past, UVSC students were always able to act out and rest on the excuse ?It’s okay, they’re just college students.”
Well, that era is over, and now it’s time for us to collectively evolve into something much more intimidating: university attendees. Here’s how:

1. Take your education seriously. UVU is no longer a stepping stone to bigger and better things because it is bigger and better. Now, you can actually graduate a Wolverine, and bring your degree with you to a very successful career. It is no longer necessary to go to another school after graduating here, so treat these years like they are the last years of formal education you will have.

2. Keep staying up late, but do it with a textbook instead of a group of drunken friends. Sure, universities have great parties, but UVU isn’t quite to the point of the fraternity yet. Basically, imagine the stereotypical university student and try to act more like that stereotype.

3. Communicate with your professors. Class sizes may be growing, and the days of the adjunct professor or lecturer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that your professors aren’t still one of the people. Besides, what’s more like a university student than conversing with a professor over a cup of coffee?

4. Take on large projects for more than just the grade. University students create experiments that change the face of their field, write novels for their dissertation, and create works of art that are used for their final project and then put up in a public museum. So, for your next big project, try to make something that will influence the community.

5. Wear clothes that say “University” on them. Maybe invest in some reading glasses and keep a short pencil behind your ear. Because looking the part is a big aspect of becoming something new.

6. Seriously, decide on a major. A university is no place to wade your toes in the General Education pool. If that’s still what you want to do, take your toes to SLCC. University students have a long-term goal in mind, and their major is useful to them in reaching that goal.

7. Become more arrogant. You’re part of a university now, and you deserve the pomp and circumstance that goes along with that. Also, now is a good time to get away with being a little conceited.