Both of the Affleck brothers have found their niche with Gone Baby Gone, Ben belongs behind the camera and Casey deserves the lead role.

Ben Affleck reused his Academy Award winning adaptation skills by writing this touchy screenplay about more than just kidnapped children.

The twisted story intertwines deeply into unspoken-of dark themes and mainstream movie plot elements. Gone Baby Gone proves to be more than just the simple kidnapping movie it appears to be in the trailers. The end result is a well-crafted film that not only entertains, but also leaves you weighing out the moral elements in your head.

Considering this is Ben’s directorial debut, it astonishes how much the film feels to have been done by an experienced old-timer.

Casey Affleck’s acting is top notch. Between this performance and his role in The Assasination of Jesse James, he’s got a lot of positive, even Oscar, buzz about himself.

If you can handle a film filled with adult language and delicate content, this will be one film that’ll leave you thinking and talking about it with friends for a long time.