Literature lovers and aspiring writers can rest assured: UVSC’s transition to UVU will hold many great opportunities to learn and progress in the English department.

UVSC’s English department began the preparation for University status nine years ago, when it first started offering bachelor’s degree programs. Since then, the department has hired a stellar faculty who mentor and nurse their students. This dedication means that the change to University status will solidify the department’s efforts to offer an outstanding education — something it has been working toward for years. “This is not really an immediate change for the English department. It’s more of a culmination of work that has happened over time,” said Dr. Robert Cousins, department chair.

Interestingly enough, compared to other departments at UVU, the English department has a very high percentage of faculty with doctoral. That’s quite a badge to wear, and that promises that students majoring in English can count on the expertise they need to succeed.

“Preparation is very high academically,” said Dr. Christa Albrecht-Crane, assistant department chair, speaking about the
English department’s programs. “Many students who major in English are going on to graduate studies around the nation, and internationally as well.”

Among its accomplishments this year, the department was
represented by seven students at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Considering this event is held on the national level, this is quite a feat. This success is due in large part to the strong collaboration between students and professors. “We offer strong mentoring for our students,” Professor Albrecht-Crane said. “The faculty are committed to the students.”

Still, in its quiet sector in the LA Building, the English department has received little to no fanfare about the progress it has been making. The hope is that, with the transition to university, more attention and interest will be generated among students and the community.

“We are hoping that the university transition will increase the number of students interested in our programs and will translate into more students pursuing degrees,” said Dr. Cousins.