Thirty-two students participated in speed dating, helping them with their communication skills with members of the opposite sex.

Speed daters joined a large group of 300 students to receive advice from “America’s Real-Life Hitch,” David Coleman.

Coleman started off by warning the audience that they would all be offended at least once during the show. One student, Todd Blake, said that Coleman never got to the point of offending anyone – rather, he just skated around the difficult subjects. “I thought that he was going to tell everyone in the room that they had to lose weight in order to get a date, but he never did,” Blake said.

Coleman gave advice about evaluating relationships, and shared one-liners and advice for breaking the ice and kissing. He also emphasized that mutual respect is necessary for things to work out in relationships.

All in all, the moniker “America’s Real Life Hitch” may have had students wishing for a little more, but they did leave with some good advice.