UVSC’s Dadaists will gather their final projects for what will resemble an art fair of sorts, to be held April 16-17 in the Honors Office (room LC 203) near the Library. There will be a gathering for performances 7 p.m. on April 17.

Alex Caldiero has been teaching a class about Dada this semester, and his students will showcase the work they’ve compiled for the course at the fair.

The best way to describe Dada is to not describe it at all. It speaks for itself without words, and doesn’t hinge on conventions, standards or control. Dada ends when judgment and judging begin. Early Dadaist Marcel Duchamp said about Dada, "There is no solution because there is no problem."

The UVSC Dadaists will also be performing classic Dada works April 18 at the Orem Public Library, located at 58 N. State St. Orem.