While watching movies made for children, sometimes you need to take a deep breath, sit back, and remind yourself what audience the movie was made for.

Sometimes, that can cure the pain those movies bring. But even then, it might not make them worth it.

Nim’s Island is a kid’s tale about a widower qua biological scientist (300’s Gerard Butler) who decides to raise his imaginative daughter Nim (Little Miss Sunshine”s Abigail Breslin) on a secret tropical island. In order to keep this paradise to themselves, they refuse to allow anyone in the outside world to know exactly where they live.

Instead of living in the trees like that one Swiss Family they have modern commodities like food, power and Internet access. With all of the wildlife on the island, they don’t even lack friends.

Things change, though, when a storm strands the dad at sea and daughter at home, and both must do whatever it takes to survive. Dad must fix the boat and Nim must protect the island when others come to take it over (sounds a bit like Lost so far).

Nim seeks the help of her fictitious literary hero Alex Grover, and a case of mistaken identity brings the book’s female author, Alexandria Grover (Jodie Foster), to the rescue.

Nim’s Island will only entertain those who watch children’s movies on a daily basis. For everyone else, it will only drive you nuts.