If you haven’t looked into 2K’s first person shooter masterpiece, then what are you waiting for? With engrossing graphics, suburb action and intense storytelling, it’s sure to please just about everyone. The game takes place in the year 1960, and you are the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon emerging from the water, you come across a lighthouse that provides refuge. You discover a bathysphere contained inside that takes you deep below the ocean surface to an underwater city called Rapture, a place created by a man named Andrew Ryan, to escape the confines of God and government. 

Here, scientists could have their way with experimenting with the human genetic code, and did so to an ever-apparent extreme when you first step into Rapture. Splicers-Rapture denizens that messed with their DNA excessively who skulk around the underwater metropolis like hyped-upped heroine junkies-are the most common enemy. Some have lug wrenches, and the rest will have magnums, all willing to fight you with all the hate of the world until one of you is an unrecognizable mess on the floor.

The other type of enemy that makes the game so deliciously brutal is the Big Daddies and the Little Sisters. Little Sisters are demented girls who gather Adam, the key ingredient in the making of "plasmids" that give you specific powers such as telekinesis and shooting lightning from your hand. Each Little Sister is protected by their respective Bid Daddy, a lumbering creature in a diving suit that negates all outside harm that comes to a Little Sister. They attack with brute force and a sack full of grenades, and some even have drills for an arm. When attacking Bid Daddies, exercise caution; once you do attack, it becomes their life goal to see your entrails on the nearest wall.

Bioshock has a good amount of weapons at your disposal. Along with the aforementioned plasmids, you’re also graced with a magnum, a grenade launcher, a machine gun, and the oh-so-useful shotgun. Killing takes no time to get used to and switching up tactics between plasmids and firearms is just plain fun. The graphics in Bioshockwill amaze and astound to say the least, this being one of only two games currently on the market that utilizes DirectX 10. One could easily lose himself admiring the décor and all the little messages scribbled in blood on the walls, which is never a bad thing. The story is top of the line that would give Hollywood a run for its money, making the deal all the more sweet. In summation, anyone looking for a good adventure on the Xbox 360 need look no further than the game Bioshock.