Parking in the dead of winter. The task is enough to keep you dreading the moment your alarm clock goes off interrupting the serenity of your sleep. Sadly, you cannot hibernate. You must emerge from the warmth of your covers and face the bitter cold as a warrior. I have a compiled a list of ideas to keep you warm trekking from the parking lot to UVU’s cozy halls.

1. Wool. Winter is officially dubbed one large sweater day. Showcase your finest sweaters down the stretch of the hall of flags. Make your companions useful and collaborate ugly sweaters for the sake of turning heads. You could even schedule an ugly sweater day to meet in the library and go over some sweater worthy literature. Sip some hot cocoa and bingo! You may have a club. Might as well make this a party.

2. Long Johns. Lengthy tedious research shows that thermal underwear are a worthy option for keeping warm. Their heating capabilities come from the compression of the heat of your body into a thin layer of air between your skin and the material. Layer these babies under your jeans and you could be an undetected walking thermostat withstanding the most crucial of weather conditions. While the rest of us cringe from the cold, you can enjoy your stroll through the maze of cars.

3. Grow a beard. A logical option for half of the population. A beard could be likened to a fur coat for the face. Once you experience the protection of a beard while trekking through the parking lot, you may end up thanking your stars that you do not go to a college where facial hair is prohibited.

4. The classic mind over matter. As you bare the blizzard conditions, reminisce that you are in that scolding shower you took earlier that morning. If you do not shower, that’s okay, imagine you are a gypsy in the fever of the desert wishing for a slight breeze to cool you down.

5. A nice cup of Joe. Whether you fancy coffee, tea or cocoa, as long as your cup is hot, it counts as Joe. And in theory, Joe is all you need. Before you leave the door, it will cheer your morning to brew yourself and your roommates some Joe to keep cozy. Or you could have some steaming chicken star soup for breakfast. Sneak your mittens on your fingers, grasp your cup, and cozy you will be.

6. Cuddle. If you do not have a claim on a certain lady or gent, all the more merry for you to share. Break the ice and reach out to the cutie shivering beside you. Make a little winter warmth and you could have a new friend. Best case scenario, you could be sitting pretty with a new sled buddy.