UVU Swifties Unite

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Utah Valley University’s Taylor Swift Fans Celebrate Re-Recording of “Red” + “All Too Well” Short Film

Senior writer, Kaylie Webster

Taylor Swift released her re-recorded “Red” album on Nov 11 and her “All Too Well” short film on Nov 12. Utah Valley University students Amber Martinez, Justin Taylor and Sadie Melton chose to celebrate the recent releases on their Instagram account dedicated to all things Taylor Swift @uvu.swifties.

Taylor Swift decided to re-record her albums because back in 2019, her master recording copyright was sold to Scooter Braun, against her wishes. However, Swift still has power over the composition copyright, so to limit the number of sales Braun earned from her music, she decided to rerecord. 

“In the process of re-recording my songs, I dug up some songs that didn’t make it into an album because I wanted to save them for the next album,” Swift told Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show. “But the next album would be a completely different thing. I’m excited for people to hear the songs that no one has ever heard before. I’m most excited for fans to hear ‘All Too Well’ when I made this song, it was originally 10 minutes long.”

“Red (Taylor’s Verison) (+ A Message From Taylor)” includes all 16 songs from the original 2012 “Red” album, as well as a few singles and nine songs “From The Vault”. The short film is for the 10-minute long version of  “All Too Well.” Within the 24 hours of the short film premier, it had over 17 million views.

The @uvu.swifties Instagram account had been preparing for the album and short film release by posting pictures of photoshopped Swift in places around campus such as the library. The captions include engaging questions about all things Swift. For the past three weeks, they have been posting stories with polls asking what followers’ favorite songs are and adding them to their highlights. 

“[The three of us] all mutually agreed to start the [Instagram] account after coming across BYU’s swifties page,” said Melton, UVU student studying business and one of the owners of UVU Swifties Instagram account said. “We created this account back at the beginning of October. We aren’t associated with any club on campus, we are just a group of people who love Taylor Swift at UVU who wanted to connect with other UVU swifties.”

“When I was younger I knew of Taylor’s existence and was a big fan of ‘Our Song’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’, said Martinez, UVU student who is one of the owners of the UVU Swifties Instagram account said. “I even remember showing my mom those songs like saying ‘hey mom, I just discovered an underground upcoming artist. Take a listen.’ As I grew older I kinda forgot about her, I heard her singles on the radio, but that was about it. Then somehow by the influence of Justin and Sadie, they turned me into a swiftie by showing me ‘Evermore’ and ‘Folklore.’”

Swift has been known to leave easter eggs within her music videos, posts and other media. Some fans have theories about what she is going to do next because of things they spotted in “All Too Well: The Short Film”. 

“There have been small hints towards Swift releasing ‘Speak Now’ Taylor’s Version,” said Taylor, UVU student studying creative writing and one of the owners of the UVU Swifties Instagram account said. “Some items in her store are being marked as $20.10 which was the year it was released, and the price tags are purple (same as the album cover for ‘Speak Now’). So that’s been a hot theory lately. I know us three personally are all hung up on the “Woodvale” theory which would be a third album in the ‘Folklore/Evermore’ genre.”
To watch “All Too Well: The Short Film” go to Swift’s Youtube page or click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tollGa3S0o8