The Morgan Maze is the perfect fall adventure

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Morgan Maze is a huge corn maze that has been operational for only two years. This year their theme is “Over the Moon.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Morgan Maze is a passion project that perfectly captures the fall atmosphere. The maze is built over 18 acres and has three separate entrances for different levels of difficulty—small, medium and large. The small maze is simple and less than a mile, the medium is a bit over 2 miles, and the largest has over 4 miles of trail. 

Jennifer Clark, one of the owners, shared insights about the history of the maze saying, “This is our family farm. It’s been here since about the 1940s…primarily as a dairy farm. But when my son moved back from Utah State to work on the farm full time…about a year and a half ago, he said, ‘I hate to say this but…I think we need to do a corn maze.’ He had already planned and mapped out how to do it, so we said let’s just go for it, and here it is! This is our second year.” 

Entering the surrounding area, it is clear that the family has put in a lot of time and effort into capturing the fall spirit. The entrance has pumpkins available for sale, while further in, there are corn pits that attendees can jump into, a small hay maze, and slides. “This is the deepest corn pit I’ve ever been in!” one enthusiastic attendee remarked. 

When asked what to look for when navigating the maze, Clark said, “This year’s theme is “Over the Moon,” so we have a cow jumping over the moon. Last year, our theme was just “Clark Family Dairy”—we had our farm logo which is a cow poking its head out of a barn door drinking a glass of milk. So after last year we decided we need to have a cow in every single maze. So, this year there’s a cow jumping over the moon…In the large maze, one of the keys to going out is going through the udder.” 

The corn stalks appeared to be roughly 8 feet tall, and the thick smell of earth permeated the senses. “The corn maze smells AMAZING!” proclaimed an attendee. 

The sun slowly set while the course was traversed. There were many dead ends and loops to keep the maze challenging and engaging. When asked, here are some reviews that visitors gave: 

  • “The maze has such a great variety, small, medium, and large… you can jump right into the large and get stuck in the cow’s udders! Which sounds really weird, and it was really tricky, but I also really enjoyed it, so I would highly recommend just going right into the large maze because it was worth it.” 
  • “I thought this was a really cool maze, I liked how you could really get lost in it. I think some mazes keep landmarks you can always see, but this one you look around and can’t find anything which is really cool!” 
  • “I thought the corn maze was really fun, it’s good to go in with a lot of friends and get lost and figure your way out, it’s a lot of fun and a great vibe!” 
  • “I definitely recommend going before the sun has set, so you can actually watch the sunset while you’re going through which is really pretty! It’s also more fun on a date!”  

All in all, the Morgan Maze is a great adventure to take one’s family or friends on this fall. There is a variety of experiences for everyone of all ages to enjoy. For more information, visit their website at