Composing Chaos: Where unconventional creativity shines

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Composing Chaos exhibition displays beautiful artwork and emphasizes the distinct form of artistic expression, abstraction.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Composing Chaos exhibition focuses on pushing the boundaries of conventional art. When you enter the room, you are struck by the experimental spirit and the passion that was put into every piece created. The artists and students of UVU’s Art & Design department delved into the realms of abstraction. They created a powerful collection with their avant-garde techniques that defy easy categorization.  

The talented UVU student and artist Zoe Elwood created a triptych, a work of art that is divided into three sections, titled “Rooted In.” Elwood explains that it is meant to depict “an organic world trying to build into this industrial world.” Much of the piece was inspired by manuals from old machinery which are placed in the background.  Elwood worked alongside two other talented UVU students and artists, Jordan Smith, and Jenalyn Mecham. “Rooted In” impacts you through its small details.  

One of the defining features of “Composing Chaos” is its diverse range of artistic mediums. From sprawling canvases decorated with oil paint (as seen on Ruth Voss’ piece titled Inverse) to intricately crafted sculptures, the exhibit displays an array of styles and mediums that will impact visitors and leave them in awe.  

The pieces in the exhibit are not only visually stunning but also intellectually stimulating. An example of this is the incredible sculpture created by Mailyn Milward titled “Mislabeled as ‘Broken.’” Milward used ceramic, plastic, and resin to create an emotionally moving sculpture of a human face that is partially broken. Inside of this broken section it is covered in blue crystals and gems, insinuating that just because it may appear to be broken does not mean it truly is. This piece uses metaphor and abstraction to engage meaningful dialogue and aesthetics.  

In addition to the exhibit, “Composing Chaos” is hosting a closing artists’ reception on the last day, Sept. 28 from 5-8 p.m. Here, the artists will talk more in-depth about the inspiration and meaning behind their pieces.