Wellness for Wolverines | Season 1: Episode 3

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This week, we’re sitting down with Kayla Jacobson, the Registered Dietitian at UVU.  We discuss nutrition, tips/advice, resources available here at UVU to help you optimize your health and diet, etc.  With health coaching here at UVU, she provides nutrition counseling for students and faculty.  These counseling sessions can cover a wide range of things from intuitive eating, general nutrition guidance, or even how to cope with celiac disease.  Listen in to learn more!

If you want to reach out to her and/or schedule an appointment you can email her at [email protected] or use this URL: https://appointments.uvu.edu/meetwithadietitian 
Or use this URL to register for Health Coaching here at UVU:  https://www.uvu.edu/wellness/gethealthy/health-coaching.php

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