Socially-distanced study spots on campus

Reading Time: 4 minutes

UVU staff has been working hard to arrange classrooms, study areas and hallways to ensure students and staff are able to maintain social distance. With so much change, it might be hard to find a spot to rest or work if you happen to be on campus. We scouted out six study spots around campus where you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get to work safely.


Fulton Library

While the 3-5 floors of the library are currently closed, the first two floors still offer room to study. The bench seating near Mom Fulton’s Cafe is already set up in a way that keeps students separated, and works well for group work. The window seats let you study with a view of the campus lawn. At the back of the first floor, there are still plenty of computers to use even with some closed to accommodate six feet of space between students. 

In the second floor walkway between the library and the Liberal Arts building, two large tables are available that would be useful for larger groups.


The Clarke Building

Each floor of the Clarke Building has designated group study areas. The study zones have plenty of outlets and natural light. Photo by Olivia Diaz

If you’re involved in the English or Humanities departments, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in the Clarke Building. The upper floors of the building all have designated areas where students can relax. The building features huge windows that let in plenty of natural light, and the quiet areas are full of couches and chairs to make your study session comfortable. You’ll also be close to bathrooms and vending machines for quick study breaks. 

On the second floor, there’s access to an outdoor courtyard with several benches. When the weather is nice, why not take advantage of the fantastic view of the Utah mountains and study outside?

The courtyard on the second floor of the CB. Photo by Olivia Diaz.


Sorensen Courtyard

The Sorensen Courtyard is the perfect place to relax, study, and get some fresh air. Photo by Olivia Diaz.

Speaking of the great outdoors, the Sorenson courtyard, located just outside of the Sorensen Student Center, is a great place to keep your distance while taking a break from work or getting an assignment done. According to health experts, outdoor activities are 20 times less risky than indoor ones. This makes the courtyard a safe place to be if you’re nervous about being too close to others. Make sure to bring a portable charger since there aren’t any outlets nearby.


The Losee Center

The First-year Advising Center was designed to help students make the transition to college. Photo by Olivia Diaz.

If you head to the fourth floor of the Losee Center, you’ll find the First-year Advising Center. The center helps students make the transition into college. In addition to advising and career exploration, the center offers a place for new students to come and relax. Study alone or with a group at one of the many tables or couches, and pop into an advising meeting if you need some guidance. 


The Student Life and Wellness Center

This unusual study spot in the Student Life and Wellness Center is in the perfect location if you need to get some work done before heading up to the gym. Photo by Olivia Diaz

Don’t be fooled by the bowling alley and ping-pong tables– you can still find a secluded spot in the bustling Life and Wellness Center. Just past Wendy’s is a large staircase with built-in outlets where you can spread out and get some work done. It’s a bit of an unconventional location (and you should be comfortable sitting on the floor to use it), but that means it’s easier to find somewhere to take a seat and keep some distance from other students. 


In nearly all of the locations listed above, some seating or tables have been blocked off with signs to remind students to maintain social distancing. In order to keep everyone healthy and safe and help our janitorial staff get through their sanitation procedures efficiently, make sure you don’t rearrange the furniture. We hope these tips help you feel safe and confident if you need to stay on campus to work through your classes.