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Sara Wade | Staff Writer | @SaraWade13


UVU Women’s Success Center teamed up with Zions Bank to bring a panel of successful women from Zions Bank to help students, especially women, understand the opportunities available in the banking industry and to give advice for achieving their career goals on Thursday, March 12th.

Panelists include Laramie Simmons, financial center manager; Cheryl Ginn, vice president of treasury management; Trisha Wollebaek, mortgage lender; and Amy Magleby, commercial portfolio manager.

Each panelist introduced herself and explained what happened in her life that led her to work in the banking industry.

After introducing themselves, they answered questions and left the audience with advice that they learned in their professional lives.

The main takeaway from the event came from the question and answer section of the event.

Someone in the audience said that women on average are paid less than men who have the same qualifications and job responsibilities.

When the panel was asked how they suggest women address employers about their salary and raises, other Zions Bank employees and managers pitched in their suggestions.

One manager said that speaking up and asking for a raise is an effective way.

“It’s better for the company to pay you more than it is to train someone new, so don’t be afraid to ask,” she said.

Another woman from the audience recommended doing “homework about the industry salary” to establish the worth of the position.

A member of the audience asked the panelists what they would suggest to be better in any job and each panelist gave the following suggestions:

  1. Lead by example to gain respect and trust from other employees, especially those under you.
  2. The root problem of other employees and customers may not be what they are saying, but if you listen, you will understand better what the root problem is.
  3. Build relationships with other employees and use networking skills to better your situation.
  4. Courage is a quality of many leaders and if you speak up and believe in yourself, others will see that courage.

The panel ended with a raffle where they gave away massages, backpacks, water bottles and leather bound journals.

The panelists stayed after everything was wrapped up for thirty minutes for anyone who wanted to talk to them further.

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