You’ve “goat” to be kidding me: Goat visits UVU library

A local goat made an unplanned appearance at the UVU Fulton Library, alarming both students and staff.

Graphic by Eric Burgon

Graphic by Eric Burgon

On Sept. 15, Utah Valley University students and faculty came face to face with an unlikely guest– a goat at the east entrance of the Fulton Library

“We had someone approach the desk with some urgency about an aggressive goat outside the library,” says Rachel Armstrong, a supervisor in the library circulation department. “We called it into campus police who actually put me on hold because they had a flood of calls coming in about the goat.” 

“I met a new student while walking into the library this morning,”  said Alejandro Renteria Chavira, a student at UVU. “It’s great how UVU accepts students from every walk of life. Even if it’s a four-legged walk.” Renteria Chavira also snapped a picture of the goat and stated, “After getting the picture the goat stared me in the eyes and started approaching me. In hindsight, I might’ve just barely avoided a goat smackdown.” 

In an Instagram post, the Center for Constitutional Studies assured students that “officers placed the goat ‘into custody and later returned the animal to its rightful owner, a resident living near UVU campus.” 

No goat sightings have been reported since the initial incident.

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