YouTube: Enough Said

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Picture 2In a day of mind-boggling networking and ten-second video downloads, YouTube is the epitome of modern society and culture. Think about it — instant gratification. You want to watch an 80‘s Metallica video? Just type it into YouTube and a short time later (depending on your connection speed) voila, you’re ready for some head banging (don’t forget the Advil!) How about those old Pokemon episodes that only your pet hamster knows you still watch? I’m sure they’re out on YouTube as

YouTube has everything for everybody. Dance Instructions. Pranks and stunts. Videos on cooking with George in the Bronx. Software troubleshooting (Microsoft owners, make a note of that last one.) Potter Puppet Pals (If you don’t know, ask a friend.) Educational videos on a plethora of academic subjects. And of course, for those of you with a date tonight, there’s always C-Span clips. My personal favorite YouTube Video ever is titled “Greatest Bowl Comeback Ever? 1980 Holiday Bowl:
BYU vs. SMU.” I recommend you watch it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You may get a little hungry.

In memory  of  the hours of joy and greatness we’ve all encountered on You Tube (which, strangely, has a direct effect on the amount of hours not spent on homework), I would like to share a few random facts
about YouTube.

  • YouTube is the Fourth Largest Website on the internet. Cool.
  • Every one minute, 15 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Every time Kanye West shares his opinion with the media, that number jumps to 25 hours of video uploaded per minute.
  • 70% of YouTube’s registered users are Americans (You see, most British people are registered on YouTelly.)
  • Half of YouTube’s registered users are under the age of 20.

These few statistics emphasize the point that YouTube plays a significant role in today’s society and is found at the center of
today’s culture, especially its young people (since most older people never get past the Solitaire feature on their computers. Internet? What’s an Internet?)

Remember that YouTube is available to all. If you’ve got something to share with the world, do us all a favor and Broadcast
Yourself. There may be another celebrity ready to come out of Orem Utah (After all, YouTube needs to replace Kimbo Slice.)

Happy Broadcasting!