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Exemplary Engaged Learning Student  

Matt Duke

Matt Duke was chosen as a student who has expressed engaged learning through his participation in a MBA Capstone Consulting group project. The project that they are currently working on is to see if Boart Longyear, a mineral exploration drilling company, should expand. Duke has been very engaged in his community through his role as team leader of this project and has worked very hard to work out the details, work with clients and prepare the presentation for the company. Through this role he has shown hard working, persistent and thorough work skills.

Exemplary Engaged Learning Student 

Debra Coe

Debra Coe is a returning student with vast knowledge and expertise in real estate but came to UVU to get a degree in Legal Studies. She was chosen as a student that has expressed engaged learning because of the numerous projects that she undertook. Some of these projects include observing court proceedings, drafting and review of legal documents and taught pre-license real estate classes. While engaging in these projects, Coe refined her research, writing and reasoning skills. Engaged learning has allowed Coe to practice for real what she had learned in the classroom.

BS Valedictorian 

20130307_AWARDWINNERPHOTOSTaft Poulter Morley

Business Management with an emphasis in International Business


[Question] Who has been your mentor/example? Someone on campus you talked to frequently, someone who represented an ideal, a friend who pushed you to keep going, a parent/family member who loved and helped you?

[Answer] My father, Mike Morley. He has been the ultimate and complete mentor. He has been an incredible source of knowledge, experience, inspiration, and strength. I am so proud to be his son and work alongside him. I guess you could say that my ultimate goal is to “be like Mike”.

[Question] Graduate school or workforce? Or other?

[Answer] I currently work for a regional developer as Director of Business Operations and I am heading our expansion to become a national brand in the charter school industry. In approximately 5 years, I plan to return to college to earn an MBA.

[Question] What has been your motivation to succeed? Family, power, ambition, money, fear, OCD, etc.

[Answer] I am extremely motivated and ambitious. I want to be successful and provide for my family in the way that my father provided for me. My main goal is to make my father proud.

AS Valedictorian 


Business Management


[Question] What has been your motivation to succeed? Family, power, ambition, money, fear, OCD, etc.

[Answer] Since I was a little kid I was taught to try my best and that a little hard work would help you achieve. Also I received a scholarship so in return I decided to work my hardest as a way to give back.

[Question] Do you feel that UVU prepared you for your future career and other endeavors?

[Answer] Yes it taught me to work hard and stretched me to see what my full potential is.

[Question] Graduate school or workforce? Or other?

[Answer] I am transferring to the University of Utah to study architecture. I am going to continue to peruse a master’s degree in architecture and business management and earn a MBA.