Women’s Success Center: Open house for students

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVU’s Women Success Center held its open house on Jan. 11 to provide students with resources and services meant to boost their goals in the educational sphere.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Women’s Success Center, located in the Losee Center on campus, held an open house for students on Jan. 11. Students were able to grab some refreshments and visit with faculty and admin about the resources, services, and programs the Center provides. 

Originally created in 2011, the Women’s Success Center was initiated to “address the low enrollment and graduation of women at Utah Valley University.” It has since designed programs, coordinated scholarships, and more to help students of all genders persist on their paths to receiving their diplomas. 

“We offer scholarships, we do success coaching. That is one-on-one advisement with our advisors,” stated Heather Sherman, a student admin at the Center. In addition, the Center is partnered with Wee Care, the childcare center at UVU. Wee Care accepts children aged from six weeks to six years and helps parents figure out the best way to continue their education while also caring for their young ones. 

Hanna Jane (HJ) Morrell is one of the success coaching coordinators at the Women’s Success Center. “I started with the WSC in June as the Success Coach Coordinator,” said Morrell. “I mainly provide success coaching, which is like academic advising, but more holistic. We tackle anything that hinders students from being the best student they can be, which can mean time management, study skills, well-being, or anything at all. If it’s something we can’t help with at the center, we resource out whether to an on-campus resource or assist with finding resources in our community.”

On top of success coaching and childcare with Wee Care, the Women’s Success Center is also partnered with Women of UVU. Women of UVU is a student-run organization that is supported by the Center, whose goal is to help women achieve success by “providing a supportive, social community and connecting students to the resources they [need.]” As a member of Women of UVU, students of all genders can receive success coaching, attend professional development sessions such as resume building and LinkedIn support, as well as connect directly with campus resources. 

“We strive to ensure that students feel like someone on campus cares about them as a human, rather than just another number,” Morrell continued. “The WSC also serves all students, not just women. In addition, we serve all students from all backgrounds and want to assist however we can!”For more information on the Women’s Success Center and the programs it supports, please visit https://www.uvu.edu/wsc/.